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smartflower – The smart, simple & stunning solar system

smartflower - Pfister Energy provides assessment and complete installation

smartflower is the next level of solar energy with smart features that make it up to 40% more energy efficient. Its can’t-miss design makes smartflower the perfect way to generate clean energy while showing your customers and community what a forward-thinking enterprise looks like. Pfister Energy provides complete assessment, installation and maintenance of the smartflower.

Why is the smartflower more efficient than other forms of solar photovoltaic (PV) generation?

  1. The smartflower tracks the sun from dawn to dusk, ensuring that its solar panels are always at a 90 degree angle to the sun, optimizing the radiation it receives, unlike most other solar setups. Smartflower does this through a GPS tracking device aligned to the specific longitude and latitude of the site where it is installed. This precise tracking can increase productivity by as much as 40%.
  2. The smartflower’s unique design allows for natural cooling of its solar panels. Rather than positioning the panels close to a roof or the ground, the smartflower’s panels are elevated and naturally cooled by the air that passes behind each of its panels throughout the day. This natural cooling can increase each panel’s productivity by as much as 10%, depending on the region in which the smartflower is installed.
  3. The smartflower automatically self-cleans its panels every morning and every evening. Each of the panels cleans the panel beneath it each time the smartflower opens or closes, using the long brush on its outer under edge. This allows the smartflower to avoid loss in production that typically occurs with other solar PV devices.

How much electricity does the smartflower produce?

Most American and Canadian businesses consume more electricity in a year than can be produced by one smartflower or the typical rooftop system. For most businesses which are already connected to the grid, a solar system serves to reduce, not eliminate, the customer’s reliance on the grid.

For those customers who are focused on entirely meeting meet their electricity requirements from a renewable source they control, the best approach is to use several smartflowers or to pair smartflowers with other renewable energy generators, like a wind turbine, or geothermal, or even rooftop or ground mounted solar panels.

Did you know smartflower is EV Compatible?

smartflower can be used to charge electric vehicles thanks to easy integration with external EV charging stations. For organizations and companies, EV charging capacity is your  “green business card,” and is perfect for public spaces, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, small businesses, and more.

How can I have the smartflower installed?

Contact Pfister Energy for a free site assessment which will include a shading analysis. Our design-build experts will help take care of the entire smartflower installation; from placement, operational programming and connections to the building’s distribution. We will handle all the necessary permitting and warranty applications for your location. Finally, Pfister Energy will provide all the maintenance that is required every 2 years.

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FH Kufstein, Prof. Dr. Georg Konrad, Austria

“The smartflower at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein (FH Kufstein), also known as the ‘FH smartflower’, fulfills multiple purposes for the University. The power generated from the FH smartflower is fed into the school’s electrical grid and is also used as a tool for teaching in the discipline of applied energy data management. Its location in the city park makes it not only an eye catcher for employees and tourists, but also a catalyst for conversation about photovoltaics between students of all disciplines and their peers in the energy management program.”

FH Kufstein, Prof. Dr. Georg Konrad, AustriaUniversity of Applied Sciences Kufstein

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