T Rowe Price

Pfister Energy is proud to announce the installation of a 2.2 megawatt solar photovoltaic array at the T. Rowe Price campus, Owings Mills, Maryland.

The project consists of over 7,000 solar PV panels installed on the top deck of four parking garage structures adjacent to the office complex. The system will offset over 15% of the energy needs of the four office buildings, significantly reducing the energy consumption, in essence feeding energy into the buildings.

The project reflects the Corporation’s commitment to doing the right thing for the environment. And the array just makes good business sense!

Pfister Energy worked with the T. Rowe Price project leaders for over two years to assist in the value assessment, the design and the construction.

With over 10 megawatts in parking canopy construction experience, Pfister Energy has the specialized knowledge to serve clients looking to deploy that underutilized space to reduce their facility operating costs.

The aesthetically pleasing, renewable energy system has the added benefit of shading the parking deck! The top roof deck of any parking garage can be steamy hot in the summertime. Now there are cool cars under a cool renewable energy system.

Chief Financial Officer Ken Moreland explains why T. Rowe Price installs 7,000 solar panels.