NYPA Helping With Governor Cuomo’s Goal Of Generating Power From Renewable Resources By Digitizing Power Systems

Renewable Energy Sources


The New York Power Authority (NYPA) through a partnership with General Electric will create the world’s first fully digital utility by monitoring buildings to track energy usage.  This digitization process will help track power across all generating facilities and over 11,000 public buildings in New York State. NYPA hopes this will help with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s renewable energy goal of having 50% of the state’s power come from solarwind, hydroelectric or other renewable energy sources by 2030.

Both NYPA’s and Governor Cuomo’s goal is tremendous yet a difficult task to reach. Both utilities and facility owners need to work together and only then can they begin to optimize onsite renewable storage and energy efficiencies to easily synchronize with this new digital platform.

For Pfister Energy, this is music to our ears and look forward to this new digitization process. reTHINK ENERGY™.

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