Emergency Generators / Backup Power

Hurricane? Severe Storm? High Winds? Flooding? Brownout? Blackout?

Keep your business or home powered up, online and comfortable with a partial or whole building backup generator installed by Pfister Energy

Standby and emergency power generators, when sized and installed correctly, offer reassurance that your building’s essential needs, such as computers, lights, HVAC equipment, elevators, sump pumps are ready, by automatically starting up when the power fails.

Installed outdoors, in close proximity to your building, standby generators are wired through an automatic transfer switch to the main electrical panel. When the power from the utility or your renewable energy system is interrupted, the emergency generator spontaneously and smoothly starts…requiring no effort from you.

Pfister Energy installs backup power systems that can be fueled by renewable energy systems and/or the established fuels. Whether you choose a hybrid system or one that is just conventional fuel (natural gas, LP gas (propane) or diesel fuel), backup systems mechanically kick in when your power supply is lost – even during the night or when you’re not around.

Generator capacity begins at 6,000 Watts and our installation package includes the correct sizing and complete electrical and plumbing installation. Homes and smaller businesses can easily install large residential standby generators while large capacity clients need commercially-sized, diesel fed generators to ensure electricity needs are met.

Be prepared for your next power outage — contact Pfister Energy for a free walk-thru and site evaluation!