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Changing the way energy is generated and delivered. ReTHINK ENERGY.

Pfister Energy is a turnkey design-build renewable energy solutions provider for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities possessing over 30 years of solar and renewable energy experience. Clean energy is not limited to solar and as part of our smart building-integrated energy plan, we provide holistic solutions by stacking multiple energy efficiencies and energy management solutions like solar, wind, LED lighting, battery storage, etc. Pfister’s vision is to change the way that energy is generated and delivered. Our approach to “stackable” energy technologies sets us apart from our competition.

Pfister Energy is based in Hawthorne, New Jersey with an additional office location in Baltimore, Maryland. We have just recently opened up another office in Syracuse, New York and just in time since the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) announced that a total of $15.5 million in funding is available for energy storage projects for all New York organizations.

Total Solutions Provider

We are one of very few renewable energy companies in the U.S. offering a comprehensive line of products, services and solutions within the solar, renewable energy and energy efficiency industries.  As a total solutions provider offering design, procurement, installation, commissioning, maintenance and financing, our clients not only receive best-in-class, cost effective and tailored energy solutions but will be contributing to a cleaner and sustainable future environment. Whether your project is a simple application of one energy efficient technology or a host of multiple building integrated renewable energy and energy efficient technologies, Pfister has the knowledge and experience to deliver.

Pfister Energy Background

The Pfister history encompasses more than a century of quality service in construction and roofing craftsmanship, two continents, and four generations of Pfisterer family management.

Ernst Pfisterer founded Pfister Roofing in Europe in 1889. Within five years, Ernst received the gold medal for excellence in roofing craftsmanship. Management eventually passed to his son Herman.

Dieter Pfisterer, the third generation, began his apprenticeship in roofing, sheet metal and plumbing in 1953 while pursuing an engineering degree at night. Upon graduation as a master craftsman in roofing, Dieter emigrated to the United States and started his own management and construction career. He managed two mechanical contracting businesses and then became the maintenance engineer for a major pharmaceutical company. Moving back to his roots, he joined a German roofing manufacturer, first as technical manager and finally, as national sales manager.

With his training, his practical experience in the roofing and construction business, and the need for skilled roof restoration at historic sites and commercial facilities, Dieter realized that the tradition of quality European workmanship that began with his grandfather was needed in the United States. In the 1980’s, Dieter acquired Koehler Roofing and Schmidt Roofing and the Pfister group of companies was born in Paterson, New Jersey.

Pfister Roofing, still led by Dieter Pfister, is a full-service roofing commercial, institutional, industrial and specialty roofing company specializing in roof analysis, infrared moisture surveys, consultation, preventive maintenance programs, slate, copper, tile, metal and reflective roofs, and the installation of single-ply and asphaltic roofing systems. In addition to work on historic monuments such as Grant’s Tomb, Pfister Maintenance has served large corporations in the tri- state area including Honeywell, PaineWebber, BASF, Sony, Seiko, and Cushman & Wakefield.

The Pfister name and reputation are recognized within the industry, as demonstrated by being included in the Top 100 Roofing Contractors for fifteen straight years, as well as being honored as Roofing Contractor of the Year.

Pfister Energy, Inc.

Wayne Pfisterer, Dieter’s son and fourth-generation roofer, was instrumental in Pfister’s initial venture into the renewable market. In 2003, solar electric systems (photovoltaics) were just gaining momentum in the market and news and the State of New Jersey and Federal government were beginning to consider initiating incentives to reduce or spread out the onerous prepaid project cost.

Under Wayne’s direction, Pfister Maintenance installed its first renewable energy project, a solar-integrated roofing system, in January 2003. To meet the needs of increasing numbers of roofing customers who wanted to add roof-mounted solar projects and realizing the tremendous synergy in the design and construction of roofing and photovoltaic systems, Pfister Energy was incorporated on August 23, 2005. With quality roofing expertise, Pfister Energy designs and engineers each roof-top system to ensure that the roofing foundations on which the PV modules are secured must be as durable, and possess coinciding life expectancies and warranty periods, as the solar panels themselves (20+ years).

Pfister Energy possesses more than 30 years of commercial roofing and clean energy experience and have completed over 400 commercial, industrial and institutional energy installations across the US. We specialize in solar installations and LED lighting and are respected for our ability to design, construct, maintain and finance renewable energy projects ranging from large-scale complex systems to small, community-based projects, on time and on budget.

Last year, Pfister Energy of Baltimore was chosen by Howard County Public Schools to help create the first NET ZERO energy school in Maryland. Wilde Lake Middle School is nearly 30,000 square feet larger, expected to house 49% more students, and use 50% less energy than the old location. This project exemplifies President, Wayne Pfisterer’s vision of doing renewables the right way through stacking technologies.

Pfister Energy has been honored to be part of Inc. Magazine’s 500/5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Private companies for its seventh consecutive year!

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