Solar Thermal

Solar thermal technology harnesses solar energy for thermal energy or heat. This thermal energy is typically used to heat water, but can also be used for space heating. Commercial or industrial solar thermal systems are most cost effective in facilities with water heating systems that are expensive to operate, or in operations such as laundries or kitchens that require large quantities of hot water. A solar thermal system can meet up to 75% of a commercial facility’s annual hot water needs and significantly reduce hot water heating bills.

Solar Thermal Systems Consist of:

  • Flat plate collectors
  • Insulated piping
  • Circulating pump
  • Expansion tank and hot-water storage tank(s)
  • Heat exchanger and antifreeze solution
  • Controller, valves, gauges

Pfister Energy offers turn-key design and installation of solar thermal systems. We can help you determine the right solar thermal application for your facility and for your needs. Specific applications include:

Solar Collectors

In the simplest solar thermal application, a discrete solar collector gathers solar radiation to heat air or water for domestic, commercial, or industrial use.

Passive Solar Heating

Passive solar heating is the absorption of solar energy in a building which reduces the energy required to warm the habitable areas. This contributes to space heating.

Electricity Generation

Solar thermal energy can be collected on a large scale and used to heat a transfer fluid. This fluid can then power a steam turbine that generates electricity.

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