Solar Carports and Canopies

Solar carports and canopies are quickly growing in popularity because they provide valuable benefits for your bottom line, employees, clients/customers, and the environment.

Pfister Energy is the solar parking canopy expert. The free-standing raised structures produce clean, renewable energy. They also provide a nice place to park. Solar carports and canopies shade cars from the elements, including hot sun in the summer and foul weather in the winter months. Solar carports and canopies are a great way to deploy unused space to lower your operating costs and “green” your campus. The investment also provides a hedge against the volatile electrical rates that are predicted to increase regularly in the coming years. Install a solar carport and watch the sun go to work!


Any business can benefit by adding a solar carport or canopy:

  • Provides mounted shade and shelter from the elements
  • Keeps vehicles cooler
  • Improves visibility with LED lighting
  • Reduces energy consumption and costs
  • Reduces maintenance costs to parking area
  • Provides additional revenue through LED advertising
  • Adds a modern aesthetic
  • Helps you meet your sustainability goals
  • Doesn’t affect parking or the number of available spaces

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