Small to medium budgets and projects can greatly impact employee safety, health and performance as well as deliver significant energy savings.

Why LEDs Are A Better Option

Lighting is one of the largest contributors to any businesses energy costs. LEDs are instantly efficient and sustainable so in a short period of time you can achieve substantial savings just by changing your lighting.

LED bulbs last longer (up to 50,000 hours) so there is no need to constantly change bulbs, saving time and money. They require much less wattage to operate and generate almost no heat which reduces labor, maintenance and operating costs. LEDs also present a much safer lighting option because they are less likely to burn or cause fires. LEDs create a lighter/brighter work environment which has a positive impact on efficiency.

Reduced Energy Costs

LED Lighting can save you up to 80% on your existing energy bill. Plus, you may qualify for an Energy Rebate.

Longer Life

The life of other lighting sources average between 1,000–20,000 hours. LED Lighting has a 50,000 hour life. This means lower maintenance and relamping costs.

Environmental Advantage

LED Lighting is mercury free and generates less heat. Ideal for sustainability and Green solutions.

For virtually $0 in upfront costs you can upgrade to more efficient LED lighting & monitoring!

Let us provide you with a no cost evaluation today! All we need is 12 months of your electric bills and a quick look around your facility.

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Humanscale Case Study

As a leader in the design and construction of “stackable energy technologies”, Pfister Energy can provide you with a no cost/no obligation evaluation of your building. We can illustrate how installing an energy efficient lighting retrofit combined with daylighting units and occupancy sensors can lighten your wallet and enlighten your staff.

Before and After photos of Humanscale project.