On July 11th, Eric Adams, Borough President of Brooklyn, NY unveiled a plan called “Fueling Brooklyn’s Future” that has recommendations for swapping out traditional gasoline for sustainable fuel.  He commented that the devastating effects of 2012’s Superstorm Sandy and the lack of gas during that time are what caused him to advocate for the change. “Fossil fuel is a thing of the past,” stated Adams.  This announcement was made at Wholesale Foods Market in Brooklyn, where new EV Charging Stations where installed by Pfister Energy.

BMW and Toyota, were also in attendance and provided hybrid vehicles to demonstrate the use of these new Chargepoint EV charging station. “These electric cars would not only be good for the environment, but great for health, job creation and the economy,” Adams said.

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Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams pushes to expand sustainable fueling options, equip gas stations with backup power
Posted by Aaron Holmes on July 11, 2017