Are You Optimizing Your Parking Areas?

Pfister Energy is taking carports and canopies to a higher level by employing a “stackable technologies” approach. We have demonstrated that integrating two or more energy efficient solutions increases your monetary benefits and enhances sustainability efforts.

Today, most parking structures serve to provide shade and protection from weather. Envision new parking structures that generate enough power to offset most, if not all, of the building’s needs.   They provide a rain diversion system to protect employees, customers, and your parking area from the elements while harvesting the rain water for irrigation and other uses. Structures that will now include improved and more efficient LED lighting for better safety. Geothermal systems below parking areas that provide energy to the building as well as assist in snow and ice melt.  Parking areas with interactive led displays systems that will provide information on store locations within a mall, sales, traffic patterns around mall, interactive APPs that can tell you what stores might have a particular coat or hand bag. Advertising and marketing opportunity’s not only and LED screens but the carport structure itself. This is the future of parking!

We are excited about the present and the future possibilities are endless.

Let Pfister Help You Optimize Your Parking Areas