Pfister Energy Creates One of a Kind Solar Roof System in Piscataway, New Jersey!

[Hawthorne, New Jersey] – Pfister Energy completes a new PVC roof with 775 KW solar array and 72 Daylighting units to improve the Humanscale Manufacturing and Distribution Center in Piscataway, New Jersey!

Humanscale focuses on responsible energy management as they work toward a marked reduction in use and waste. They monitor use at their own facilities and offices, and evaluate improvements against historical baselines. It seemed only natural that Humanscale would team up with Pfister Energy in order to make their Manufacturing and Distribution Center in Piscataway, New Jersey a building that is as energy efficient as possible, and go beyond just adding a basic solar panel roof.

Humanscale and Pfister Energy examined the environmental impact of all possible design solutions – and how to integrate solar energy, thermal energy, and daylighting into an efficient system that would change how the energy for the building is developed to maximize benefits and efficiency. For this particular project, Pfister energy designed, engineered, and constructed a 750 KW solar array, along with a brand new roofing system, daylighting system, and a new interactive High Bay LED Lighting system for Humanscale’s facility.

The first improvement to be made was a PVC white roofing system, which had the purpose of cooling the building by reducing the amount of heat absorbed from the sunlight.

On top of the PVC roof the solar array was installed which included 2,585- 300W Solar Modules, 31- SolarEdge Inverters, 1293- SolarEdge Power Optimizers, a PV Monitoring System, including weather station, and all the proper disconnects, fuses, and conduit required; as well as 124 Sola Tube Light units for daylighting, which diffuses the obtained sunlight and evenly spreads it throughout the facility.

Pfister did not stop the improvements on the roof alone, as they installed 70 LED High Bay fixtures with dimming features and occupancy sensors to optimize the efficiency of the light within the building.

Humanscale’s new roof is more than just solar panels, but rather a combination of renewable energy strategies to make all possible aspects of the building efficient as ever with renewable energy systems.


Pfister Energy is a renewable energy company providing innovative solutions and energy efficient systems for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. The company is a national provider and installer of turnkey renewable energy and on-site distributed power generation systems, predominantly with Solar PV systems. Pfister Energy offers customized designs and assists clients with the implementation of the latest technologies and with the highest standards. Pfister works with its clients to create financially practical solar investments by helping them utilize all federal, state and local incentives. With its partner in Cole Roofing, Pfister has the years of experience and the reputation for quality that provides clients with confidence that the project will bring lasting financial value to their organization.