Pfister Energy Revamps Downtown Parking Garage with a Unique Solar Canopy!

[Baltimore, Maryland]-Pfister Energy is proud to announce the installation of a 500kw solar photovoltaic array at the McHenry Row shopping and residential complex!

The project’s design and construction for the property’s owners created an interesting challenge: placing a state of the art Solaire Generation Solar Canopy on the roof deck of McHenry Row’s East Garage.

Under the direction of Pfister Energy of Baltimore, the solar array installation featuring an electric vehicle charging station was completed this past winter.

The impetus for the project was the owners’ desire to lower the operating costs and to stabilize the property’s energy bills for the next 25+ years. Not only was that goal accomplished, but the aesthetically pleasing renewable energy system also provides clean energy to the facility—a feature that will make the residents feel proud.

The shading from the solar canopy even provides car cover! The roof of any parking garage can be steamy and hot in the summertime, so naturally, people try to avoid that top deck. That no longer has to be the case at McHenry row, thanks to the solar canopy which will prevent cars from being hot upon returning to them.

Pfister Energy supported McHenry Row’s successful bid and award of the MEA’s grant for parking lot solar PV canopy construction; the MEA created the grant in May of 2014. The funds provided by the grant enabled the project to be even more affordable, and with Pfister’s turn-key approach, McHenry Row can expect project payback in less than four years! The investment also provides a hedge against the volatile electrical rates that are predicted to increase regularly in the coming years. Come to McHenry Row and watch the sun go to work!

Please enjoy our video of the creation of this fabulous project:

McHenry Row Solar PV Construction in Action


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